Clutch Purse / Long Wallet (polkadots in Tiffany color)


Clutch Purse / Long Wallet (polkadots in Tiffany color)


  • Waterp repellent fabric from Japan
  • Cotton fabrics, fully interfaced with premium quality interfacing
  • Detachable cow leather strap
  • Installed YKK zips & metal antique brass magnet button
  • Exterior: magnetic closure, 1 full width slip pocket (back)
  • Interior: 1 zip pocket, 2 full width cash note compartments, 12 card slots
  • Spacious compartment, able to fit in a cellphone
  • Approx. measurement: 21.5cm (L) x 10.5cm (H)

Status: AVAILABLE. 1 piece /design, in-stock & ready to ship. :)

To order, kindly email to
or facebook pm @ 


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