Country Style 3-way use as Handbag, Sling bag & Clutch

这包包容量蛮大的,可以容纳手机、钱包、纸巾、护唇膏等等肩带是可调式,可以调整你要的长度。包包有点像 curvy clutch ;如果想当手挽包,还可以把肩带拆掉哦~  :)

This handbag looks like curvy clutch. It is suitable for casual or any occasion; definitely very convenient to carry your hand phone, purse/ wallet, tissue and lip gloss in one bag. 3-way use as hand bag, sling bag & clutch by changing or taken off the handle. :)

1 open pocket inside
Magnetic snaps closure
fully interfaced
Faux leather handle can be taken off & adjustable

Approx Measurement:
Bag: 25cm x 16cm

Status: SOLD

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